Correspondance avec Ron Carter et Robert Freedman (fin novembre 2012)

Good morning,

I'm Yves Ravoux, a french pianist playing in the Pertuis Big Band on the South East of France.
One year ago you kindly sent me the complete score of “Con Alma” from the Ron Carter's Great Big Band Album and we had the great pleasure to play it during the international Pertuis Big Band Festival in august:
I would't want to impose on your kindness by asking you to send me “The Golden Striker” and “Loose Change” scores arranged by Bob Freedman, anyway my group can buy them.
Sincerely yours
Yves Ravoux

Réponse de Ron Carter:

Robert Freedman and I are glad that arrangement of CON ALMA worked
so good for your group.
I am forwarding your request to Mr.Freedman,and I am sure
that he will respond to you.
Ron Carter

Réponse de Bob Freedman:

Dear M. Ravoux,

It is my pleasure to send you the scores and parts to the two arrangements you have requested from Ron Carter. They are attached to this e-mail.

No payment is required. What is important is that good music is being shared and played and heard by as many people as possible in as many places as possible throughout the world.

I hope that you and your fellow musicians will enjoy these pieces.

Take care,
Bob Freedman

Réponse et remerciements :

Dear Mr Carter, dear Mr Freedman,

I'm very grateful that you kindly and quickly reply to me, we are going to practise these tunes on next week to try to honor you and the music as well as possible.
Our big band is not so famous of course, but we make our best to put our heart into playing jazz.
The entire band joins me to thank you for your generosity.
If you get the opportunity to travel to France it will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you in our lovely region of Provence, and, why not, attend a master class from you or a performance among the Pertuis international big band festival in august (the only one in France and may be in Europe).
May I exploit the situation by requesting you again the score and parts of CARAVAN ?
Best regards

Réponse de Bob Freedman:

Dear M. Ravoux,

According to your request I have attached a ZIP file containing the score and parts to the arrangement of Caravan we recorded on the Ron Carter's Great Big Band CD.
Ayez du courage!
Bob Freedman